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AK74 GBBR Real Wood Carbine Replica - Open Bolt

This model 74 replica made of steel and durable polymer represents and excellent level of resemblance of the original. The replica was made with the utmost care for details and the resemblance of the live firearm original. The implemented Blow-Back system is "heavy" in operation as is expected of this replica, thus guaranteeing a significantly higher level of realism both for the User and observers. It is undoubtedly the largest advantage of this model. It can be felt most when firing in a fully automatic mode.

Additional realism is boosted by a new system introduced by the manufacturer - the so-called Open Bolt. WE replicas with this solution do not feature a brass insert in the bolt chamber, which was present in earlier models from this manufacturer. Thanks to the implementation of this system, the entire bolt gets pulled backward during shooting, just like in the live version.

The magazine included in the set can store up to 40 BBs and is inserted in a way more similar to the original than in the case of other AEG replicas. The replica is powered by Green Gas. The gas container is located in the magazine, however, its valve was discreetly hidden at the magazine base. The foldable to the left side stock provides much greater maneuverability in tight spaces than a typical wooden stock used in similar models.

The manufacturer has implemented in this replica several interesting solutions that improve upon this aged construction. An interesting example is a platform on the fire mode selector plate that simplifies its operation using an index finger of the right hand. It speeds up putting the safety on and off. The last of improvements consists of a special notch on the fire mode selector plate that enables holding the bolt carrier in the rear position. It allows for quicker reloading of the replica and prevents an accidental discharge by blocking the bolt carrier.

WE-74 is definitely an excellent choice for any enthusiast of Soviet military interested in a GBB replica.

The set includes:

- replica
- magazine

WE AK74 GBBR Real Wood Carbine Replica Open Bolt