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Introducing the Double Bell JW4 Dracarys AEG Rifle in striking Tan, crafted with precision and inspired by the formidable TTI JW4 Dracarys Gen-12 Shotgun. This airsoft marvel combines the iconic Dragon Fire Style with cutting-edge features to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience.

Constructed with a robust metal frame, the JW4 Dracarys AEG Rifle (Tan - Metal - 040) boasts durability and authenticity. The tan finish adds a touch of realism, ensuring you not only dominate the battlefield but do so in style.

Drawing inspiration from the renowned TTI JW4 Dracarys Gen-12 Shotgun, this airsoft rifle inherits the same commitment to excellence. The innovative design ensures a seamless fusion of performance and aesthetics, making it a standout choice for airsoft enthusiasts.

Equipped with advanced AEG technology, the JW4 Dracarys delivers a powerful and reliable performance on the field. The rifle features a responsive trigger system, allowing for rapid and precise shots. The attention to detail extends to the realistic feel, providing an immersive experience that mirrors the handling of a genuine firearm.

The Double Bell JW4 Dracarys AEG Rifle is not just a replica; it's a statement. Stand out on the airsoft field with a rifle that pays homage to the TTI JW4 Dracarys Gen-12 Shotgun, embodying the spirit of innovation and dominance. Elevate your airsoft game with the Dragon Fire Style AEG Rifle – where power meets style, and victory is inevitable.

DB JW4 Dracarys aka Dragon Fire Style AEG Rifle

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