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The Xtreme Training Pistol stands out due to its ergonomic design and quality craftsmanship.
The classic form, coupled with innovative solutions and top-notch construction, results in an exceptional replica.
The sights, which emit a fluorescent glow in the dark, the enlarged trigger guard, the magwell for easier magazine insertion, the ergonomic pistol grip, and the flat trigger, all contribute as clear advantages of this pistol.
The replica features a 6.03mm stainless steel inner barrel.
With the option to use both Green Gas and CO2 magazines, it becomes convenient to adhere to CQB (Close Quarters Battle) limits. When employing CO2 magazines, the replica's power and shooting range are heightened.
The replica has been equipped with a modernized nozzle, enabling it to function with both green gas and CO2-powered magazines.
Regardless of the type of magazine used, a guarantee of high performance, accuracy, and consistent power is ensured.
Of special note are the materials utilized - the complete frame is constructed from a military-grade polymer. The slide is crafted from a lead-free material, enhancing its resistance to cracking and wear.
Any components subjected to substantial stress are manufactured from steel or durable alloys.
Set includes:
? replica Scorpion
? Green Gas magazine

XTP Xtreme Training Pistol - Grey [APS]

SKU: ACP610-S2

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