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Protect your Airsoft gun in transport and storage, with a Strike Systems padded Alu case. This reinforced case has a stylish look and offers solid protection for the Airsoft gun. Made from durable aluminum profiles, vinyl covered outer walls, and lined with egg crate foam. Two combination locks along with two additional latches that can be lock with key, lets you secure the case quickly. Durable steel hinges with built in lid support gives easy access to the contains. Rubber pads on back and bottom prevents scratches.

  • Durable aluminum structure.
  • Dual combination locks.
  • Dual lockable latches.
  • Comfortable rubber grip handle.
  • Egg crate foam.
  • Stylish exterior.

Color: Black and Aluminum.
Size: 13 x 25 x 121 cm.

Weapon Alu-case 13x25x121 cm


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