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Discover the power of the Minigun WE23-PLUS - a revolutionary replica of a five-barrel Gatling-style gun. It provides excellent team support, as the magazine now holds 2800 bbs instead of 1200. Compact design, durable construction, versatile equipment, and an astonishing rate of fire of approximately 36 bbs per second - it's a new dimension in ASG gaming. Enhance your experiences; this unique replica has been extended by 10cm from its basic version [WE23-S]. Allowing for full control and dynamism during action. Be like T800 from the TERMINATOR movie, spreading terror by eliminating enemies on the battlefield. Prepare for exciting clashes where your weapon will become the object of envy and admiration among other players! 
# Benefits of Rapid Fire:
1) Dominance on the Battlefield: Higher rate of fire allows for more effective elimination of enemies, giving you an advantage on the battlefield.
2) Team Support Role: With dynamic firepower, the replica can play a support role for the team, keeping enemies in check and opening the way to strategic goals.
3) Dynamic Reaction to the Situation: With a high rate of fire, you can quickly respond to changing situations and adjust your tactics.
4) Increased Chance to Restrict Enemy Movement: Intense fire can force enemies to take cover, opening up new tactical possibilities.
5) Surprise and Control: A sudden, intense burst can surprise opponents, creating an opportunity to seize the initiative and control the situation.
# Experience the mighty power of the Minigun WE23-PLUS - an innovative replica of a machine gun. Take your game to a new level with an enlarged magazine to 2800 bbs.
# Key Features:
1) Gatling Mechanism: Inspired by the Gatling mechanism, this model fires one shot from each of the five barrels during one rotation, ensuring dynamic and dynamic action.
2) Compact Design: Minigun WE23-PLUS, inspired by the M61 Vulcan model, offers compact dimensions without sacrificing performance.
3) Light Durability: Body and magazine made of durable nylon, barrels of aluminum, combine durability and comfort for carrying.
4) Versatile Equipment: Transport handle with Picatinny rail, MLOCK stock, QD mounting points - comprehensive equipment that opens up wide possibilities for customizing the replica.
- Picatinny rail transport handle: Placement of accessories such as optics or red dot for optimal aiming and increased shooting precision.
- MLOCK stock: Allows you to smoothly attach a flashlight, laser, or other accessories to the stock, adjusting them to your tactical needs.
- QD mounting points: Allow for quick attachment and detachment of QD slings, which is useful in various tactical situations and when carrying the replica.
5) Effective Mechanism: Solid gearbox frame, polymer piston system, and steel gears ensure reliability and efficiency.
6) Precise Adjustment: Hop-up system and standard AEG barrel provide control over accuracy.
7) Windowed Magazine: Includes a 2800 bbs capacity magazine with a window, facilitating ammo monitoring.

WE23-Plus Rotary Minigun-Style Replica [WELL]


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