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The WE09-2 is a modernized replica of the AK assault rifle, produced by a well-known Russian firearms manufacturer, and represents a modern interpretation within the AK rifle lineage. This Russian assault rifle is designed to fire 5.45×39mm caliber cartridges, representing the fifth generation of this weapon.

# WellPro Standards

The [WELL]manufacturer continues to constantly amaze us with new replicas from the [PRO series] celebrated for durability, nylon fiber construction, and exceptional performance.

# Reliable and Modern Design

The WE09-2 replica has undergone several external upgrades to improve its functionality and user experience. Firstly, the bolt cover now features a 22mm Picatinny rail for attaching [optics], along with a redesigned rear sight for enhanced accuracy. The basic stock has been replaced with a Russian polymer stock that offers folding capability to the left side, six adjustable length positions, a cheek riser, and compatibility with [QD-type tactical slings]. The handguard has been redesigned for better ergonomics and features a Picatinny rail system for additional accessories.
Furthermore, this airsoft replica boasts an ambidextrous safety/fire selector, allowing for easy operation from either side of the receiver. Additionally, there's an added cover that automatically closes the rear part of the bolt chamber when the selector is in the "safe" position, enhancing safety.
Lastly, the pistol grip has been upgraded with a new ergonomic design integrated with the trigger guard, providing a more secure grip during shooting. Notably, this AK variant also includes an ergonomic ambidextrous release button magazine, facilitating quick and intuitive reloading.

# Durable nylon polymer construction

Main elements such as the receiver, receiver top cover, trigger guard, magazine latch, stock, magazine, and handguard are made of durable nylon construction. Other parts like the outer barrel, flash hider, gas block, fire selector, charging handle, stock collapse system, rear sight, and trigger are made from high-quality aluminum and steel.

# Reliable internal mechanism with Mosfet

The WE09-2 replica features a dedicated V3 Gearbox, designed to accommodate a dual selector and boasting quick spring exchange functionality. Notably, this gearbox system can be accessed even after folding the stock, ensuring ease of maintenance. Inside the reinforced gearbox, you'll find 18:1 steel gears mounted on 8mm slide bearings, paired with a full-steel tooth piston and a type 0 cylinder for durability and reliability.
Furthermore, this rifle is equipped with an ETU-type Optical Mosfet, offering programmable firing modes such as BINARY Mode or 3-round BURST. The AK also comes with a dedicated rotary hop-up chamber compatible with standard AEG buckings, coupled with a 6.03mm inner barrel measuring 450mm in length for enhanced precision and range.

Programming instructions for the mosfet:
Enter programming mode - Hold the trigger in the single fire mode position for about 6 seconds. The replica will enter programming mode.

Folder selection:
We have 3 folders at our disposal, marked with the number of sound signals, respectively:
Folder 1: beep
Folder 2: beep beep
Folder 3: beep beep beep

Selecting a program in a folder - Hold the trigger after hearing the sound of the specific folder to enter its settings.

Description of folder functions:
Folder 1: Fire Mode Settings - Selection is made by holding the trigger. After making the selection, exit the programming mode automatically.
Program 1: Semi
Program 2: Binary

Folder 2: Fire Mode Settings - Selection is made by holding the trigger. After making the selection, exit the programming mode automatically.
Program 1: Full Auto
Program 2: Burst

Folder 3: Pre-Cocking Setting - Selection is made by holding the trigger. After making the selection, exit the programming mode automatically.
Program 1: Pre-Cocking OFF
Program 2: Pre-Cocking position 1
Program 3, 4, 5: Positions are not adapted for DSG gears. It is recommended to limit the programming mode to the first two programs (1,2).

NOTE! The WE09-2 has a unique serial number.

The kit includes:
- Airsoft Rifle Replica AK12
- Magazine 180 BBs

WE09 assault rifle replica [WELL PRO]

SKU: AK12-2

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