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MSK GBB carbine replica – black

The MSK carbine replica from WE is characterized by perfect elements fitting and and high quality external look. There are no loose parts – the whole seems to be a one solid piece. The replica was made from homogenous zinc and aluminum alloy, steel and high quality polymer.

The pistol grip, lower receiver, stock and magazine were made from structurally reinforced nylon. All other parts, including upper receiver, outer barrel and front hand guard were made from metal.

Probably the most characteristic feature of the carbine's external look is modular front hand guard system, allowing the replica to meet any user's needs. The module can be fitted with 22mm RIS rails in many positions thanks to cuttings around the front guard. The set includes 3 such rails with mounting screws.

The replica has long top 22mm RIS mounting rail for various aiming devices. Thanks to telescopic stock with rubber pad with anti-slip surface the carbine can be adapted to user's preferences and built. Additionally the stock can be folded to the side which makes the replica even more compact. The standard flash hider is screwed on 14mm CCW thread, which allows installation of silencer. The set also includes flip-up type iron sights mounted on RIS rail.

The replica is equipped with working Bolt Catch and charging handle opening shell ejection port cover. Additionally the brand new system introduced by the manufacturer – the Open Bolt – adds feel of realism. WE replicas with that system do not have the brass plate which could be seen in older models from this manufacturer.

The carbine is powered by green gas generating muzzle velocity of ~310 FPS in typical conditions. During the shooting the Hard Kick Gas Blowback system makes it feel much more