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MK Pistol Replica with a Silencer is a soviet classic. The MK is a replica of a renowned, 9x18mm Makarov compact pistol. It is a full metal construction pistol, only side pistol grips have been made from polymer. The quality of finish and how perfectly and tightly all parts fit together can be notice and felt the moment the user takes the replica in his hand. Due to ergonomic, profiled grip, the replica perfectly fits inside the user’s hand. Both the safety and slide release buttons are located on the left side, under the thumb. The magazine release button, however, has been placed on the bottom of the grip. The replica features a double action trigger.

Included is a metal, dedicated sound suppressor, which also serves as a cover for the internal barrel extension. The suppressor and the barrel extension are thread threaded to attach to the pistol.
In order to regulate the hop-up, the slide must be removed, To do that the trigger guard must be pulled down.

Power is ~250 FPS up to ~310 FPS


- A replica
- A 17rd magazine
- A manual
- An internal barrel extension
- A suppressor

WE Makarov GBB Pistol Black with Silencer

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