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The replica is made mostly from light and durable polymer, same as its real firearm counterpart. The outer barrel, flash hider, iron sights, trigger, pins and front RIS rail are made from metal. The replica is built using modular system and is equipped with RIS rails allowing installation of various additional accessories. 

The cocking handle and safety are both ambidextrous, for comfortable use by right and left handed users. 

The IdZ is based on the newest version of the carbine being part of the German Future Soldier project. The replica comes with ergonomic stock of the new type. Thanks to possible adjustment it can meet shooters preferences and built. The cheek pad is also adjustable. The top RIS rail features another novelty – the flip-up type iron sights.

The carbine is powered by green gas allowing muzzle velocity of 400FPS in typical conditions. The high quality, air-tight system guarantees efficient and fail-safe functioning. During shooting the Hard Kick Gas Blowback system allows for harder and more realistic recoil than in AEG's. Shooting form this gas replica is a really great fun and the characteristic recoil is visible when observing the shooter. 

The replica comes with 30 bb's polymer low-cap magazine, which also stores green gas.

The set includes:

 - replica
 - magazine
 - magazine fastloader


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