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VSR10 Bolt Action WELL spring sniper rifle, metal and black ABS, metal barrel and bolt, bipod, single-shot spring manual winding with 18-shot monofilament magazine. The version in question reaches a length of 115 cm and weighs 2.27 kg. Produced with materials that, even if cheaper, give a greater feeling of realism similar to the real firearm, both in terms of beauty and strength. Suitable for target and airsoft shooting.Data sheet:• Brand: WELL• Type: VSR10 • Length: 115 cm• Weight: 2270 gr.• Ammunition: 6 mm caliber. In plastic, ceramic, metal and stains.• System: manual spring winding, single shot• Power: 0.9 joule power• Shotgun body in ABS

Supplied:• Rifle• 18-round mid-cap magazine• Metal bipod• Few dots.• 4x32 optics• BB loader

VSR10 Sniper With Bipod and Scope Black

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