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The Legends Cowboy Rifle by Umarex is a well replicated replica, which looks like a weapon from the wild west and western movies. Excellent quality materials used in production, excellent fit of parts and realistic functioning mechanisms give the impression of contact with a real firearm.

Construction of the rifle is based mostly on metal parts, which include barrel, magazine, locking chamber, reloading lever, trigger mechanism and sighting devices. The stock and grip are made of high quality wood imitation polymer. In order to make the replica look original and impressive lock chamber and barrel were subjected to aging treatment.

The construction of the rifle is compact, and the ingenious lever-action reloading system is incredibly easy to use and ergonomic. The manufacturer has taken care of the high realism of use and shooting from the rifle. The system is based on a tubular magazine, in which there are brass cartridge with loaded BB's. With every movement of the reloading lever the cartridge is loaded into the chamber and the empty shell is ejected through the ejector window. Through to precise mechanism shooting from the replica looks very spectacular and makes a lot of fun. Brass dummy cartridges are reusable.

The Legends Cowboy Rifle is powered by 2 CO2 12g capsules which are mounted under the butt plate. Through to the Allen wrench placed on the inside of the butt plate their installation is easy and simple. Through to the high tightness and efficiency of the gas system, the pellets thrown by the replica reach an initial velocity of 100 m/s (330 fps).

The replica is equipped with mechanical sighting devices similar to the originals - vertically adjustablek rear sight. Safety of use of the replica is influenced by the safety located in the thumb range. Replika can be effectively protected against uncontrolled firing.

Technical data:
- Caliber: 6 mm
- Power: 2x 12g CO2 capsule
- Power: <1.0 J
- Initial velocity: 100 m/s (330 fps)
- Targeting instruments: fixed bow tie and adjustable adjustable pin barrel
- Overall length: 966 mm
- Barrel length: 480 mm
- Weight: 2660 g
- Magazine capacity: 10 rounds
- Mode of fire: single
- Material: metal + polymer
- Color: silver-aged, bronze

Umarex Legends Cowboy Rifle Airsoft Replica - CO2 - Antique Finish

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