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Designed as a replacement for the problem-ridden Type 11 machine gun, the Japanese Type 96 provided a much-needed upgrade to the outdated hopper-fed design of the Type 11. Loosely based on the designs of captured Czech ZB vz.26 rifles, the Type 96 went into production in 1936 and served the Japanese Imperial Army until their defeat in 1945.
# A well-known manufacturer
Golden Eagle is a renowned company in the airsoft industry, known for producing high-quality 1:1 scale firearm replicas. Their products are characterized by meticulous craftsmanship, attention to detail, and reliability in operation. That is why [Golden Eagle]offers the airsoft replica of this famous machine gun from World War II.
# Attention to detail
Its construction is based on a robust metal receiver and barrel, giving it not only durability but also a matte black finish, lending it an impressive appearance. The machine gun features exquisite real wood pistol grip stock and handle, adding not only visual charm but also providing genuine tactile sensations that closely mimic the feel of the original firearm. Like the original, it comes with a top-feeding magazine, further emphasizing its historical accuracy and giving it a distinctive look. This impressive machine gun comes with an integrated bipod with a locking mechanism that ensures stability during shooting, making it a versatile airsoft replica suitable for various combat conditions. It's also worth noting that the Type 96 features a convenient integrated carry handle, facilitating transportation and handling, making it a practical choice for collectors and history enthusiasts alike.
# A special internal
The manufacturer gives special importance to the esthetic aspect but also to the internal, that is why in this Type 96 a dedicated gearbox has been installed, Inside of it has been equipped with 18 :1 steel gears mounted on 8mm sliding bearings. All the part inside the gearbox are compatible with V2 parts standards, which gives a lot of possibility for custom. For the electrical unit, the replica has been equipped with a micro switch which gives a better reaction to the trigger response especially that the rifle has been equipped only with an automatic mode.
For the precision of the rifle we can find an internal barrel with a length of 550mm with a diameter of 6.02mm, the compression is assured with a dedicated rotary hop-up unit which can be regulated by the top of the magazine entry. The Type 96 is also exceptionally practical, as it allows for the storage of high-capacity batteries of [7.4V] or [11.1V] lipo in the stock.
# The set Included:
? Type 96 airsoft machine gun
? Hi cap 700 bbs magazine

Type 96 Machine Gun Replica - Real Wood [Golden Eagle]

SKU: 6400

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