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TTI Combat Master is a high-quality GreenGas custom pistol replica that gained fame through its appearance in the movie John Wick 4. This airsoft pistol is produced by the renowned manufacturer EMG under the license of Taran Tactical Innovations. It features an aluminum slide with full TTI markings and an EMG Omega polymer frame with stippling texture for a secure grip. The replica also includes a blow-back system that enhances realism during shooting.
The Combat Master, manufactured by EMG, boasts unique features and functions that provide an unparalleled experience in airsoft gameplay and excellent performance on the field. It is equipped with a double-stack Green Gas magazine with a capacity of 34 rounds, featuring a baseplate for quick magazine changes. Additionally, the enlarged magwell significantly speeds up and facilitates magazine swaps in dynamic situations. The pistol's grip is characterized by aggressive stippling, ensuring a confident and secure hold even in challenging weather conditions. It also features a fiber optic front sight for rapid target acquisition and an internal 11mm threading on the barrel for attaching suppressors and tracer units. The integral rail allows for the attachment of a tactical flashlight, enhancing functionality and enabling effective operations in low-light environments. With its precise hop-up system, the Combat Master guarantees accuracy and effectiveness, providing precision at longer distances. All of these features make the Combat Master an incredibly versatile and efficient tool on the airsoft field.
The package includes the TTI Combat Master replica along with a 34-round magazine. [EV1221] can also be purchased separately as an additional accessory.

TTI JW4 Combat Master Custom Replica [EMG]

SKU: 102070

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