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The weapon is designed to copy the curves of your body.

The CURVE pistol replica is a reliable and comfortable, personal defensive weapon. Great choice for concealed carry and covert operations.

Gas airsoft gun with a fixed slice. A replica of the Curve model from Tokyo Marui, which has been one of the best manufacturers of gas pistols in the world for years. Trustworthy pistol with adjustable Hop-Up system. The model is made of durable ABS plastic.


  • The fourth in a series of compact carry gas airsoft guns
  • The internal mechanism is the same as the LCP and BODYGUARD 380
  • The magazine is dedicated design for the CURVE and its hold 10 rounds
  • Laser sight and LED light are dummies
  • As the CURVE is equipped with a belt clip, an exclusive holster will not be released

The package contains a weapon, instructions and a magazine.

Tokyo Marui Curve fixed slide