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The airsoft gun by Snow Wolf is made of steel, metal and palstics. The body, barrel and sights are made of metal. The stock, handguard and the pistol grip are made of ABS which imitates wood. The sling mounts and the magazine cover are made of steel. This guarantees high durability of these elements, which undergo the highest strains and are most susceptible to damage.


The airsoft gun is provided with a Hi-Cap magazine with the capacity of 440 BBs. The muzzle velocity of approximately 300 fps allows using the airsoft gun in woodland or for mid-range skirmishes.


The external workmanship and operation of the airsoft gun are simply excellent. The wood imitation feels very comfortable when we hold it, and the blackened metal makes an aesthetic impression.  Certainly, this is not an airsoft gun for everyone – it has several drawbacks, however, completely identical with the drawbacks that the real steel had as well: the stock with an excessive drop is sometimes uncomfortable to use, which in turn makes the aiming difficult, the selector lever is far from being intuitive, and the magazine release requires precision – the same goes for the magazine attachment. These, however, are the characteristic features of the real steel equivalent and should not be regarded as drawbacks at all. For, these are only features and solutions, which are characteristic for airsoft guns that base on historical firearms. This airsoft gun is bound to be a real treat for each and every enthusiast enamored in the U.S. armament from the first half of the twentieth century.


Battery and charger not included.


The set includes:


- the airsoft gun


- a magazine


- a tactical sling