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The GG-105 Airsoft Pistol Replica, also known as the M9, is a replica of the iconic pistol with its origins in real firearms. The M9 was introduced into the United States military arsenal in 1985 and has since become one of the most recognizable and highly regarded firearms worldwide. Its fully metal construction and reliability have made the M9 a favorite among various law enforcement agencies and shooters across the globe.
# Construction of the GG-105 Replica
The GG-105 replica by [STTI]() faithfully replicates the distinctive silhouette of this legendary model, including the textured pistol grip that provides a secure and comfortable hold. Additionally, the pistol is equipped with a Picatinny rail, allowing for the attachment of various accessories such as [flashlights] or laser targeting devices. The aesthetics and precision of the GG-105 replica are impressive, making it not only a functional firearm but also an attractive collector's item.
This M9 replica, created by the experienced manufacturer STTi, combines durable materials with precise craftsmanship. Its frame is made from robust ABS, imparting both solidity and lightweight properties. It's worth noting that components like the trigger and hammer are made of metal, enhancing its realistic appearance while ensuring durability and reliability.
# Operation of the GG-105 Replica
The GG-105 pistol is a Non-Blowback (NBB) replica, meaning it lacks a moving slide. This design allows for efficient gas usage, resulting in economical consumption and a prolonged shooting time on a single green gas magazine. Despite the absence of blowback action, the GG-105 offers reliability and shooting precision.
This replica is user-friendly, making it ideal for novice shooters. Focused on target shooting, it features a functional safety mechanism and an easily refillable magazine, providing comfort and satisfaction during shooting. The M92F/M9 pistol offers standard performance characteristics typical of this class of replicas for a affordable price. However, its primary advantage lies in its reliability and economical gas consumption.
# The set Included:
? GG-105 replica
? Green gas 23bbs powered magazine

ST92F VERTEC Non-Blowback Airsoft Gas Pistol [STTi]

SKU: GG-105

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