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This pistol was created for sports shooters, and most importantly it can be easily operated by left-handed people.
It has a number of facilities and innovative solutions to ensure the greatest possible comfort of use.
We will find here a metal hammer, two-sided safe and magazine release.
To reduce weight, a polymer body was used, and the slide itself is made of aluminum and additionally relieved - holes made on a CNC machine.
Magwell is used in the gun to facilitate quick exchange of magazines.
The trigger guard has been enlarged - it gives us the opportunity to operate the glove trigger. The trigger itself is flat and adjustable.
The replica has 6.03mm Stainless steel inner barrel mounted.
Most importantly, the replica has a fire mode switch and as one of the few guns has an AUTO mode.
Set includes:
* replica Shark
* Green Gas magazine
This pistol has an internal thread 12x1 CCW at the end of the barrel, allowing the installation of an [adapter](
It will allow the installation of any sound suppressor equipped with a 14mm CCW thread.

SHARK Full Auto Pistol - Dark Earth [APS]


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