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Producer [APS]- After years of research and development, we have collected feedback and ideas from shooters and customers. In 2017, we launched a brand new gun called "Shark" based on user expectations.
Steel hammer- The hammer of this gun is made of steel.
It is an automatic pistol. That's why the hammer on this gun has been reinforced for added durability.
What do we have in this model?
1. Performance: The Shark pistol has an average muzzle velocity of 330 FPS with a 0.2g BB. You can fire all 23 BBs in 2.5 seconds in automatic mode. There is no doubt about the performance of this weapon. Simple, accurate, strong and durable - these features can always be found in an APS pistol.
2. Universal design, especially since there are more and more left-handed shooters on the field. That's why we designed a brand new fuse that can be operated with the index finger. The user can simply slide the switch up or down to enable/disable the security. The magazine release button is also designed for left-handers.
3. Straight/flat trigger used - As many shooters say, when using the straight trigger, you don't have to slide your finger to the back of the curved trigger when shooting, therefore your finger can be lower on the trigger, which increases the mechanical benefits and makes the pressure on the trigger lighter.
4. The comfortable grip of the pistol improves the accuracy of shots. That's why we used an ergonomic grip design and added texture to the handle.
5. The user always wants to load quickly and efficiently during the fight, so we placed a magwell inside the grip so that the user can quickly load the magazine.
6. The gun uses a fiber optic front sight and a rear sighting slot.
7. Everyone loves light weapons these days. We follow the trend and created a lightweight zipper by cutting holes at the top (CNC done).
8. It must be easy to take apart and reassemble. Due to this problem, we created a pistol that can be easily removed by knocking out the center main pin on the pistol.
? Caliber: 6mm BB
? Inner barrel size: 6.03 mm
? Energy source: Green gas
? Muzzle velocity: 320 ~ 330 FPS
? Maximum range: 30 meters
? Effective range: 15 meters
? Fire selector: Safe / Semi-automatic / Full automatic
? Magazine capacity: 22 + 1 rounds
? Length: 18.4 cm
? Weight: 0.78 kg
In the set we get:
* Shark replica
* magazine powered by Green Gas
This gun has a 12x1 CCW internal thread at the end of the barrel for mounting [AC015]
It allows the installation of any silencer equipped with a 14 mm CCW thread.

SHARK Full Auto Pistol - Black [APS]


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