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Airsoft bolt-action rifle of TYPE 38 Japanese army rifle manufactured by ST Armament (Smart Team). Type 38 was a service rifle in regular Japanese infantry from 1906 to 1940. During World War I, this rifle was used by Russia, France, and Great Britain.

Airsoft Type 38 has a realistic bolt-action spring mechanism. Each time you shoot, you have to manually reload the weapon. The inner barrel of the rifle is 600 mm long with a diameter of 6.03 mm. The spring and a hop-up bucking are in the VSR10 system. This gives you the choice of an upgrade of the replica with other parts available on the market. The 25×176 mm cylinder is made of steel and the metal trigger assembly has a 90-degree piston catch. This ASG rifle has an adjustable hop-up system. Which is responsible for a better range of the replica and a more stable BB's flight path.

The type 38 airsoft rifle is typifies of precision and careful workmanship. A handguard and stock made of high-quality natural wood. A barrel, a front sight, an adjustable rear sight, a bolt, a magazine guard, a trigger guard, and a trigger made of metal alloys. In addition, a rifle has the original arisaka type 38 markings and numbers stamped on the receiver.

The set includes a [15-round magazine]

S&T Type 38 Sniper Spring Rifle Real Wood

Expected delivery within 1 week

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