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Historical Russian repeating airsoft gun rifle Mosin-Nagant model m1938 was manufactured by ST Armament (Smart Team). It was a new gun introduced to the artillery, rear and auxiliary formations. It is recognizable because of the barrel shortened by 222mm. During World War II, it turned out that carbines were better suited as infantry weapons than rifles. However, the big disadvantage of this rifle was the lack of a bayonet, which is why the model was modernized in the 1944 version.

Realistic spring bolt-action mechanism where each time after firing a shot, you have to manually reload the weapon via a bolt handle. The inner 640mm long barrel, a spring and a hop-up bucking in the VSR10 system (gives possible to upgrade the replica), and a steel cylinder (dimensions 24x193mm) and a metal trigger assembly with a 90-degree piston catch. The rifle has an adjustable hop-up system and a muzzle velocity of 300-320 fps.

A solidly made rifle replica with a handguard and a stock made of high-quality natural wood, a barrel, a front sight, an adjustable rear sight, a bolt, a magazine guard, a trigger guard, and a trigger made of metal alloys. In addition, the receiver has original markings, which additionally affects the realism of the replica.



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