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The TTI Sand Viper GBB airsoft pistol is licensed by Taran Tactical (Jag Precision). It belongs to ARMY ARMAMENT's latest offering in the well-established R6XX series. These airsoft pistols are renowned for their dependability and appealing aesthetics. Each element showcases meticulousness, accuracy, and robustness. 
Key Attributes:
? Full Metal Build - Slide featuring weight-reducing cuts, reinforced frame, and a 5-inch barrel with compensator.
? Authentic Blow-Back System - Offers the most authentic action available in the market.
? Double Stack Magazine - Magazine with a capacity of 28 rounds and a base pad for swift, smooth magazine changes.
? Extended Magazine Release - Facilitates rapid magazine swaps without altering your grip. Especially beneficial for individuals with smaller to medium-sized hands.
? Mounting Plate for Pistol Red Dot Sights.
? Ambidextrous Thumb Safety - Enables slide locking without necessitating a grip change.
? Tactical Magwell - Enhances reload speed.
? Pistol Grip with Stippling - Facilitates confident and secure handling of the pistol under varying atmospheric conditions while ensuring better control during firing.
? Integral Frame Rail - Allows flashlight attachment in low-light scenarios.
? Laser-Etched Individual Serial Number.
? Adjustable Hop-Up Unit - Allows precise adjustment of the BB's trajectory for improved range and accuracy.
? Durable and Cold-Resistant Sealed Hop-Up Rubber - Crafted from silicone compound, maintaining airtightness even at lower temperatures.
? Strengthened Cold-Resistant Polymer Nozzle - Offers an enhanced seal, ensuring a consistent shot force and increased mechanical resilience against damage.
? Sealed New Generation Magazine Valves - Lower green gas consumption and ensure airtightness and smooth pistol operation.
For those seeking enhanced gun performance, we recommend acquiring a set of Crazy Jet barrels, hop-up chambers, and rubber bucking from the reputable Maple Leaf company. These components contribute to extended range, impressive accuracy, and meticulous control of the BB's trajectory.
# Set Includes:
? R615 TTI Sand Viper HI-CAPA pistol
? [28rd Green Gas Extended Magazine]
? Red Dot Mount

R615 TTI Sand Viper GBB Pistol [Army Armament]

SKU: R615

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