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The replica of the airsoft pistol **TTI Sand Viper** from ARMY ARMAMENT, licensed by Taran Tactical (Jag Precision), is the latest gas pistol from the R6XX series, already well-known from this manufacturer. They are characterized by reliability and aesthetic appearance. Every detail stands out for precision, craftsmanship, and durability.
#Key differences in the model compared to [R615]- The slide has been meticulously shaped using CNC
- Steel components of the hammer assembly
- Magazine release
- Hammer
- Valve striker along with the piercer interrupter
- Recoil spring guide
#Main features:
**-Full metal construction**
**the external surface of the slide has been CNC machined** with weight-reducing cuts, reinforced pistol frame, and a 5-inch barrel with compensator and barrel thread 11x1 CW.
**-Realistic blow-back system**
ensures the most realistic operation and functioning of the sidearm replica.
**-Two-row magazine**
more capacious **28-round magazine** with a convenient base facilitating magazine exchange.
**-Extended magazine release**
allows for magazine release without changing the weapon grip, which is particularly useful for individuals with small or medium-sized hands.
**-Mounting plate allowing for mounting a reflex sight.**
**-Ambidextrous thumb safety**
allows for locking the slide without changing the weapon grip.
**-Enlarged magazine well**
significantly speeds up magazine replacement.
**-Polymer pistol grip with stippling pattern**
ensuring a secure and firm grip of the pistol in various weather conditions and better control during shooting.
**-Integrated mounting rail**
for mounting additional accessories, such as a tactical flashlight.
**-Laser engraved individual serial number**
**-Adjustable hop-up system**
durable and robust, allows for precise adjustment of the projectile's trajectory.
**-Wear-resistant and cold-resistant sealing rubber**
made of silicone mixture, ensuring tightness even at low temperatures.
**-Reinforced cold-resistant polymer nozzle**
new nozzle design provides better sealing, resulting in stable shot power and increased mechanical resistance to damage.
**-Sealed new generation magazine valves**
improve magazine loading comfort, reduce gas consumption, and ensure tightness and smooth operation of the replica.
If you want to improve the parameters of the pistol, we suggest purchasing a Crazy Jet barrel, hop-up chamber, and rubber kit from the renowned Maple Leaf company. This will allow for increased range, impressive accuracy, and precise control of the projectile trajectory.
**Included in the set:**
? R615 TTI Sand Viper replica
? [Green gas-powered 28-round magazine]
? Mount for reflex sight

R615-1 TTI Sand Viper (upgraded version) [Army Armament]

SKU: R615-1

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