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TTI JW4 Pit Viper is a high-quality pistol produced by Taran Tactical Innovations and famous for its
iconic black DLC coating, its high-gloss black finish, and its close-quarter performance. It was featured in
the action blockbuster John Wick 4.
Its licensed airsoft replica The R614 Pit Viper was produced by Army Armament (in cooperation with Jag
Precision). Not only are Army Armament's models highly realistic replicas of the original, but they are also
known for their reliability, precision, and durability. This isn't exclusive to their Pit Viper gun either, check
out the earlier model of the [TTI JW3 Combat Master R601](pistol replica, for example!
The AA Pit Viper is made of high-quality polymer (grip) and aluminum (frame, barrel, slide), which ensures
durability and resistance to damage. Much like the real Pit Viper by Taran Tactical Innovations, its
ergonomic design and comfortable pistol grip allow for secure handling, reliable shooting, and excellent
performance at close quarters. Additionally, it is equipped with a blow-back system that makes the gun's
handling feel very realistic, which is especially important if you are a gun enthusiast or a competitive
Its highly realistic design, its beautiful matte black accents, and its signature ghost profile aren't the only
things that make the R614 Pit Viper special. The airsoft pistol also has an array of unique features and
functions that allow for excellent results on the battlefield:
- a larger capacity magazine (28 BBs) that includes a base pad that makes reloading easier,
- an extended magazine release that allows you to release the magazine without changing your
grip on the weapon,
- a two-sided thumb safety system that makes it easy to lock the pistol slide,
- an enlarged magazine well that significantly speeds up and simplifies magazine reloading,
- a textured grip that provides a secure and solid grip, making the pistol easy to hold and handle
despite difficult weather conditions,
- an integrated accessory rail for mounting a tactical flashlight and other accessories to the pistol,
- a precise hop-up system that allows for accurate and effective shooting and minimizes felt muzzle
# In the Set, You'll Receive:
R614 TTI JW4 Pit Viper HI-CAPA GBB pistol
[28rd Green Gas Magazine green]

TTI JW4 Pit Viper GBB Pistol [Army Armament]

SKU: R614-1

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