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#Under the STACCATO FIREARMS and [EMG]License
Staccato XC, chosen by many as the first choice, stands out for its lightness, quick action. Regardless of the level of experience, using this pistol replica is pure pleasure. Regardless of skill level, shooting with this replica is extremely enjoyable.
It is a double-row pistol based on the 1911 platform, now available from ARMY ARMAMENT. ARMY aimed to introduce a product to the market that would meet the needs of customers looking for a reliable, precise, and durable combat pistol. A pistol that offers long-range, easy operation for left-handed individuals, as well as a beautiful appearance with attention to detail and precision.
Main Features
-Full Metal Construction
Cutout slide to reduce weight, reinforced pistol frame, and 5-inch Island Comp type barrel.
-Realistic blowback system
Provides the most realistic operation and action of the blowback system available on the market.
-Double-row magazine
A larger 28-round magazine facilitates easy magazine changes.
-Fiber optic sights
Facilitate sight alignment and enable accurate shooting in challenging lighting conditions.
-Ambidextrous thumb safety
Allows for locking the slide without changing the grip of the pistol.
-Enlarged magazine funnel
Significantly speeds up magazine changes.
-STACCATO pattern pistol grip
Ensures a secure grip in various weather conditions and better control during shooting.
-Integral mounting rail
For attaching additional accessories such as a tactical flashlight.
-Adjustable hop-up system
Durable and precise, allowing adjustment of the bullet trajectory.
-Wear-resistant sealed rubber
Made of silicone compound, ensures sealing even in low temperatures.
-Reinforced cold-resistant polymer nozzle
New nozzle design provides better sealing, stable shot power, and resistance to mechanical damage.
-Fully sealed new generation magazine valves
Improve magazine loading comfort, reduce gas consumption, and ensure smooth replica operation.
#Included in the set:
? STACCATO 2011 XC R612 replica
? 28-round green gas powered magazine

R613 STACCATO 2011 XL - Black [6MMPROSHOP]

SKU: R613

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