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#Under license from STACCATO FIREARMS and [EMG]
This double-row pistol is based on the 1911 platform, now available from ARMY ARMAMENT.
ARMY aimed to introduce a product to the market that would meet the needs of customers looking for a reliable, precise, and durable combat pistol.
A pistol that offers long-range, easy operation for left-handed individuals, as well as a beautiful appearance with attention to detail and precision.
#Key Features
-Full Metal Construction
Shortened slide with cutouts to reduce weight, reinforced pistol frame, and 4-inch barrel.
-Realistic Blowback System
Provides the most realistic operation and action of the blowback system available on the market.
-Double-row Magazine
A larger 28-round magazine with a patch for easy magazine changes.
-Fiber Optic Sights
Facilitate sight alignment and enable accurate shooting in challenging lighting conditions.
-Ambidextrous Thumb Safety
Allows for locking the slide without changing the grip of the pistol.
-STACCATO Pattern Pistol Grip
Ensures a secure grip in various weather conditions and better control during shooting.
-Integral Mounting Rail
For attaching additional accessories such as a tactical flashlight.
-Adjustable Hop-Up System
Durable and precise, allowing adjustment of the bullet trajectory.
-Wear-resistant Sealed Rubber
Made of silicone compound, ensures sealing even in low temperatures.
-Reinforced Cold-resistant Polymer Nozzle
New nozzle design provides better sealing, stable shot power, and resistance to mechanical damage.
-Fully Sealed New Generation Magazine Valves
Improve magazine loading comfort, reduce gas consumption, and ensure smooth replica operation.
#Included in the Set:
? STACCATO 2011 C2 R612 Replica
? 28-round green gas powered magazine
? Additional sighting devices and plate for collimator
This pistol has an 11x1 CCW internal thread at the end of the barrel.

R612 STACCATO 2011 C2 - Black [6MMPROSHOP]

SKU: R612

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