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Introducing the highly anticipated double-stack 1911 pistol replica from ARMY ARMAMENT, now available for purchase. This product is designed to meet the needs of customers seeking a reliable combat pistol with long-range capabilities, exceptional accuracy, and a visually stunning design, all while prioritizing durability.
Key Features:
Full Metal Construction: The pistol boasts a shortened slide with weight reduction cuts, a reinforced frame, and a 4-inch island-type barrel equipped with a compensator, all constructed from durable metal.
Realistic Blowback System: Experience the most authentic action available in GGB replicas on the market, delivering a lifelike shooting experience.
Double Stack Magazine: The pistol includes a double stack magazine with an impressive capacity of 28 rounds, featuring a base pad for swift, smooth, and positive reloads during intense engagements.
Fiber Optic Sights: Equipped with fiber optic sights, this pistol ensures rapid and precise sight alignment, enabling quick target acquisition in unfavorable conditions.
Ambi Thumb Safety: The ambidextrous thumb safety allows for locking the slide without requiring changes to your grip on the pistol, providing added convenience and ease of use.
Tactical Magwell: The tactical magwell facilitates fast reloads, enabling quick and efficient magazine changes during critical moments.
Polymer Pistol Grip with Stippling: The stippled polymer pistol grip offers enhanced handling and control of the weapon, ensuring a secure grip in all shooting conditions.
Integral Frame Rail: The integral frame rail allows for the attachment of a flashlight, enhancing visibility and target acquisition in low-light situations.
Mounting Plate for Pistol Red Dot Sights: The included mounting plate enables the use of pistol red dot sights, enhancing accuracy and target acquisition capabilities.
Laser-Engraved Individual Serial Number: Each replica is laser-engraved with a unique serial number, adding a touch of exclusivity and authenticity.
Adjustable Hop-Up Unit: The adjustable hop-up unit allows for precise adjustment of the BBs' flight path, resulting in improved range and accuracy.
Wear and Cold-Resistant Sealed Hop-Up Rubber: The hop-up rubber is constructed from a high-quality silicone compound, ensuring a tight seal even in low temperatures and providing consistent performance.
Reinforced Cold-Resistant Polymer Nozzle: The redesigned nozzle features enhanced sealing properties, delivering a stable shot force and increased resistance to damage.
Sealed New Generation Magazine Valves: The magazine valves have been improved to enhance magazine loading comfort, reduce gas consumption, and ensure tightness and smooth operation throughout the replica.
With its exceptional features and attention to detail, the ARMY ARMAMENT double-stack 1911 replica offers customers an unparalleled shooting experience. Combining reliability, accuracy, and aesthetics, this replica is a true testament to ARMY ARMAMENT's commitment to delivering top-quality products.
Set Includes:
? R604 HI-CAPA replica
? 28rd Green Gas Extended Magazine
? Red Dot Mount
This pistol has an internal thread 12x1 CCW at the end of the barrel, allowing the installation of an [adapter]
It will allow the installation of any sound suppressor equipped with a 14mm CCW thread.

R604 - Black [Army Armament]

SKU: R604

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