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The long-awaited replica of the Combat Master pistol from the movie John Wick 3, created by ARMY ARMAMENT in collaboration with Jag Precision under the Taran Tactical license, finally hits the market. This replica has been designed for customers looking for a reliable pistol with excellent combat properties, long range, and precise bullet trajectory, while maintaining a beautiful appearance and excellent accuracy, precision, and durability.@@@
# Main changes in the model distinguishing it from [R601(BLK)](
- The slide has been meticulously shaped using CNC
- Steel components of the hammer assembly
- Magazine release
- Hammer
- Valve striker along with the piercer interrupter
- Recoil spring guide
# Main features:
**-Full Metal construction**
**the external surface of the slide has been CNC machined** with weight-reducing cuts, reinforced pistol frame, and a 5-inch match grade bull barrel with a internal thread od 11x1 CW.
**-Realistic blowback system**
offers the most realistic operation and functioning of sidearms available on the market.
**-Two-row magazine**
a more capacious magazine for 28 bullets with a base that facilitates easy magazine exchange.
**-Extended magazine release**
for releasing the magazine without changing the weapon grip, useful especially for individuals with small or medium-sized hands.
**-Fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear sight**
facilitate alignment of the sights and accelerate accurate shooting in adverse conditions.
**-Ambidextrous thumb safety**
allows for locking the slide without changing the weapon grip.
**-Enlarged magazine well**
significantly speeds up magazine replacement.
**-Polymer pistol grip with stippling**
ensures a secure and solid grip of the pistol in any weather conditions and better weapon control during shooting.
**-Integral mounting rail**
for mounting additional accessories, such as a tactical flashlight.
**-Laser-engraved individual serial number**
**-Adjustable hop-up system**
durable and robust, allows for precise adjustment of bullet trajectory.
**-Wear-resistant and cold-resistant sealed rubber**
made of a silicone mixture, ensures tightness even at low temperatures.
**-Reinforced cold-resistant polymer nozzle**
of a new design, provides better sealing, resulting in stable shot power and increased mechanical resistance to damage.
**-Fully sealed new generation magazine valves**
significantly improved magazine loading comfort, reduced gas usage, and ensured tightness and smooth operation of the entire replica.
#Included in the set:
? R601H HI-CAPA replica
? green gas-powered magazine for 28 bullets

R601H JW3 TTI Combat Master (upgraded version) [Army Armament]

SKU: R601H

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