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Historical introduction
During the Vietnam War 1911 it played an important role as a weapon serving the American armed forces. 1911 was still in use, especially as a sidearm for officers, pilots, special forces soldiers and light equipment wearers. [here you can check other versions of this model] 
# Characteristics
R31 is a model mainly constructed of metal. Metal elements include the frame, slide, magazine, outer barrel and small elements (like trigger, safety features, etc.). The handle linings are made of durable plastic, finished with a non-slip pattern to increase the grip. The design fits perfectly, and the weight close to a kilogram (with the magazine) only adds to the impression of solidity.
The replica is equipped with a double-sided wing safety that blocks the trigger mechanism and prevents accidental firing - the safety lever is easily accessible to the thumb. In addition, this model has a functional rear clamp safety, enforcing the right grip during the shot, similar to the real prototype.
The gun has mechanical sights. Access to the hop-up adjustment knob is obtained by removing the replica's slide. This operation takes only a few seconds and requires no tools - just align the lock and remove the locking pin.
Reasonable muzzle velocity makes this replica perfect as a secondary weapon for use in buildings or at close range. At the same time, gas consumption is relatively low compared to more powerful pistol replicas, which translates into economical use.
# Characteristics:
? Full metal construction for a solid and realistic feel.
? Textured grip pads for a secure grip and comfort during use.
? Realistic Blowback System that recreates the authentic movement of the bolt when fired, adding even more realism and excitement.
# In the set we get:
? 1911 pistol
? Green Gas magazine
# Here are the products we have selected that perfectly match the product.
- Magazines: [A-131] [A-36(R27 MAG)]
- Accessories [ARM-8320] [A-128]
- Holsters: [BT-KOC1911] [AM-1911G2]
- Gas: [G21] [G10]
This pistol has an internal 12x1 CCW thread at the end of the barrel, enabling the installation of an [adapter]
It allows the installation of any silencer equipped with a 14 mm CCW thread.

R31 [Army Armament]


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