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Discover the power and precision of the [A&K] model PK machine gun, equipped with components made of solid steel, metals, and wood. Initially developed as a portable machine gun, the PK was designed to provide significant firepower, serving as excellent support for infantry units. With a rich history, this iconic rifle has played a key role in various conflicts, including the Afghan War, the Iraqi conflict, and many others, proving its reliability and combat effectiveness..
It underwent a later modernization, which you can check below.
After the RPK and RPKS, the PKM becomes the next desired object for enthusiasts of Russian weaponry! 
#Uncompromising Collaboration
Thanks to the collaboration with the renowned company Taiwangun, A&K meticulously refined this replica with unprecedented precision and attention to detail. This partnership enabled a faithful reproduction of the smallest details, placing them in the right places.
#Iconic Design
The electric replica of the machine gun PK was solidly built from a combination of metal elements and steel. Components such as an adjustable gas block, bipod mount, barrel handle, bolt cover, body, magazine latch, and buttplate are made of steel. Elements like a muzzle device, front sight, outer barrel, gas block, gas tube, locking block, barrel assembly, trigger group, ammunition feed, charging handle, and safety are made of high-quality metal, while the pistol grip, stock, and handguard overlays are made of high-quality wood.
#Reliable Mechanics
The heart of the rifle consists of a fully reinforced metal gearbox, enabling long-lasting and continuous shooting sequences. The electrical system is equipped with a Mosfet with adjustable ROF from 10 to 15 RPS. The gearbox features a system for quick spring change after removing the GEARBOX, providing flexibility in its simple replacement. Inside the gearbox, there is a complete set of reinforced 18:1 ratio gears, mounted on 8mm ball bearings. The spring and cylinder head are made of aluminum using CNC milling, and the cylinder head is doubly sealed with a thick sorbopad, while the piston head has a ball bearing. A&K pays particular attention to replica modifications, including the installation of a new microswitch, providing a fuller and quicker trigger response. However, that's not all - significant emphasis has been placed on the hop-up with the installation of a harder rubber and a special spacer in the omega standard, increasing the range and accuracy of shots. Outer barrel thread: 14x1 CCW allowing for [BBP-289-BK] attachment.
Serial Number: Located on the left side of the bolt cover
#Set includes:
? PKM Replica
? Magazine: Steel Electric Box 5000 Rounds

PK machine gun replica - Real Wood [A&K]


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