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The Phantom Extremis Rifle is a tactical rifle built for the user. It is a lightweight rifle with a modern design that offers the following features:
· New Sound Blaster flame suppressor design
· 10' Ergonomic and lightweight Evolution Tech 3.0 bed with lightweight alloy M-LOK system
· New trigger and locking chamberwith futuristic design, equipped with quick-change spring functions
· New pistol grip with non-slip inserts on the front and rear for increased comfort. This pistol grip has a shock-absorbing interior to reduce the vibrations generated when the motor is running, which improves performance and significantly reduces the load on the battery to 10.5 Amperes.
· New breech latch release
· New magazine latch release on both sides
· New fire mode switch on both sides
· New reloading handle on both sides
· New flat trigger
· New RS-2 stock design
· The internal barrel is made of 6.05mm stainless steel.

It is equipped with the latest eSilver Edge SDU 2.0 gearbox from APS with a programmable mode of fire.

How do you change the fire mode?

Press and hold the button under the gearbox, which can be reached through the magazine slot. When the red LED lights up, hold until it flashes 2 times. Releasing the button will accept the changes. Repeat this step to continue with the selection.

Available fire modes (5 modes):

· Mode 1 (default) protected/single-shot/series

· Mode 2 protected/ single-shot/ 3-shot series

· Mode 3 protected/ 2-shot burst/series

· Mode 4 protected/ 3-shot series/series

· Mode 5 protected/ 3-shot series/9-shot series

To conclude the APS New Phantom Extremis Rifle is a modern weapon for ASG players. The Silver Edge Gear Box has a great reputation in the market thanks to its quick spring change feature.

The kit includes:
- replica
- magazine for 300 bullets

Phantom Extremis Rifle MK5 SDU2.0 Chips - black [APS]


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