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The Mosin-Nagant M44 from WinGun is a full sized Co2 bolt action rifle replica of the original M44, made famous in World War 2. This rifle was originally introduced in 1944 for use by the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, and has now been accurately reproduced on an airsoft platform. The M44 is an upgraded version of the M38 Carbine, featuring an upgraded shorter barrel and stock intended for non-front-line troops such as combat engineers and artillerymen. This airsoft replica has an integrated folding bayonet on the end of the barrel for unprecedented authenticity. The attention to detail and realistic dimensions makes the WinGun Mosin Nagant M44 the perfect choice for simulation style matches and World War ll re-enactments. The Co2 power source provides high power and efficiently, thanks to the non-blowback design. A single 12g Co2 cartridge is conveniently housed in the included 12 round magazine. The shorter barrel combined with a high grade power source allows this rifle to shoot at a draw dropping 300 FPS right out of the box, and is accurate enough to hit those hard to reach targets. This rifle is constructed from a durable faux wood ABS plastic body, with a realistic textured finish for the perfect feel. A full metal trigger assembly and realistic trigger pull lets players have a realistic shooting experience with every shot fired. Front and rear sling mounts, as well as the included canvas and leather sling, makes transportation a breeze and can be carried to make room for use of a sidearm. Adjustable front and rear sights lets players quickly and accurately zero in enemies without the need of an additional optic accessory. Utilize the adjustable hop-up to account for various target range and wind conditions to get that perfect shot, every time. WinGun has has created one of the most authentic M44 replicas available on the market today, and will surely resonate with airsoft enthusiasts of all play styles.


Colour: Wood

300 FPS (0.20g BB)
Magazine: 12rd
Weight: 8.2lbs
12g Co2 Powered
Realistic Faux-Wood ABS Construction
Textured and Stained Finish
Full Metal Barrel
Permanently Integrated Folding Steel Bayonet
Full Metal Magazine
Bolt Action with Smooth Cycle Bolt
Bolt Safety
Metal Trigger Assembly
Efficient Non-Blowback Design
Authentic M44 Replica
Integrated Front Sight / Adjustable Rear Sight
Front and Rear Sling Mounts
Canvas and Leather Strapped Included
Realistic Trigger Pull
Fixed Hop Up
Safe / Single Shot

Mosin-Nagant M44 Overlord Sniper Rifle (Co2 Faux Wood Weathered Finish

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