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The [A&K] Full Metal MK43 Mod 0 Machine Gun boasts a robust, all-metal construction for durability and authenticity. 
# Original variant
The MK43 is a modern variant of the M60 Machine Gun that first entered service in 1957. The M60 Is a hard-hitting Machine Gun, chambered in 7.52x52mm NATO. The MK43 was developed by the US Navy with a specific focus on meeting the specialized needs of their elite Navy SEALs teams.
# A renowned Manufacture
A&K has established a reputation for producing faithful replicas of Squad Automatic Weapons M249 (S.A.W), and this commitment is evident in their replicas of the M60 and MK43. The meticulous attention to detail and precision in crafting these replicas underscores A&K's dedication to providing authentic and reliable airsoft firearms replicas for enthusiasts and professionals alike.
# An ergonomic construction
The entire weapon is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a realistic representation with an emphasis on precision and durability. The majority of the firearm is constructed from high-quality metal, resulting in a substantial weight that adds to its authenticity. Notably, key components such as the adjustable bipod, carrying handle, rear sights, magazine holder, sling swivel, and folding shoulder butt-pad are made from durable steel.
For ergonomic considerations, solid polymer is employed in specific areas, including the handguard front handle, pistol grip, and stock. This strategic use of polymer enhances comfort without compromising the overall robustness of the firearm.
Further contributing to its realistic design, various components such as the front sight, outer barrel, gas consumption tube, body, and slide cover are crafted from a sturdy metal alloy.
As a true-to-life machine gun, it features a folding bipod and comes equipped with an electric box-like magazine offering two feeding modes (sound control and continues). This comprehensive construction ensures that the A&K MK43 delivers both authenticity and functionality for a genuine shooting experience.
# Reinforced Gearbox
The robust metal gearbox, often colloquially dubbed a "brick" for its durability, houses a set of high-quality steel gears and features precision 8 mm ball bearings. Powered by an M130 spring, the gearbox is further strengthened with a metal spring guide, a reinforced cylinder double o-ring head with sorbopad, and a CNC piston head, ensuring reliable and consistent performance.
At its core, the gearbox hosts a one-piece metal Hop-Up chamber with special AEG hop up rubber and Omega nub, complemented by a barrel with an inside diameter of 6.03 mm, devoid of any additional finishes. This meticulous construction enhances both the accuracy and longevity of the A&K MK43, making it a formidable and dependable machine gun on the field.
Within the gas tube situated beneath the barrel, advanced electronics in the form of a MOSFET and a potentiometer are installed. This configuration allows users to finely adjust the rate of fire from 10 to 15 RPS according to their preferences, providing a customizable and responsive shooting experience.
# The package includes:
- MK43 Mod0 replica
- Electric ammo box 2500 bbs

MK43 Mod0 Navy Seals Light Machine Gun Replica [A&K]


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