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JG 1404, also known as M14 EBR Enhanced Battle Rifle, is an excellent replica of an American designated marksman rifle designed with elite special forces units in mind, such as the Navy SEALs, Delta Force, and Green Berets. This unique modernization of the classic M14 rifle underwent significant changes to meet the demands of modern operators.
# Well-Known Manufacturer:
Jing Gong (JG) is a respected manufacturer of firearm replicas in the world of airsoft. Since its inception, the company has gained recognition for the quality of its products and attention to detail. [Jing Gong] is known for creating replicas that not only look impressive but also feature solid construction and functionality. The 1404 is one of the many successful works of this company.
# Modernized Original
The M14 EBR, or Enhanced Battle Rifle, is a unique modernization of the classic M14 rifle designed to meet the needs of modern operators and designated marksmen. This revolutionary variant retains the characteristic styling of the M14 while offering a range of enhancements that make it more adaptable and ergonomic for various users. The construction of the JG 1404 replica stands out with its robust and realistic aluminum frame, providing not only durability but also an attractive appearance. The adjustable EBR-style stock allows for customization of the stock's length and cheek riser height, enhancing comfort and accuracy.
The rifle is equipped with a top Picatinny rail 22mm, which allows for the attachment of various accessories, including [optics]or other essential equipment. Additional rails on the sides and under the JG 1404 model provide space for mounting additional accessories such as a front grip. The rifle comes with a detachable flash suppressor, which, when removed, reveals a 14mm CCW thread, allowing for the attachment of a [suppressor]
# Internal Mechanism
A modernized rifle requires an upgraded gearbox, and the JG 1404 model features a reinforced V7 gearbox, following the TM standard. This allows users easy access to magazines and other accessories. The gearbox is equipped with steel gears mounted on 7mm ball bearings. The rifle's range is made possible by the installation of a 550mm inner barrel with a 6.03mm diameter and a rotary hop-up chamber, accessible through the magazine well. The JG 1404 replica has a designated space for an in-handguard battery, providing enough room to accommodate large [LiPo]( or [NiMH]( batteries.
# The set includes
? 1404 M14 EBR replica
? 300rd Hi-Cap magazine
? 8.4V 1100 mAh battery and charger

Mk14 EBR rifle replica [J.G. WORKS]

SKU: 1404

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