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The well known Airsoft company Double Eagle continues to impress the Airsoft market by regularly offering new high-quality airsoft rifles at advantageous prices, as is the case with their product, the DEK762.

# Some history

In 2017, the US SOCOM department issued a call for tenders for a Personal Defence Weapon (PDW) rifle. Two major firearms manufacturers entered the competition, one from the US and the other from across the Atlantic, specifically from Germany. In terms of this competition, the German brand won the tender. But the American manufacturer did not give up and offered its model on the civilian market, the DEK762.

# A compact airsoft rifle

At first glance, the DEK762 looks like a standard AR-15, but it is not. It is a revolution in terms of sub-compact carbines chambered in 7.62x39 / 300 Blackout. Double Eagle, the manufacturer, has focused on using the best materials to create a maneuverable and ergonomic replica. For this, they have used reinforced nylon polymer for the body of the airsoft rifle and CNC machined aluminum for the replica's handguard, resulting in a solid platform with a weight of around 2.3 kg.

# Ergonomic and effective

The DEK762 by Double Eagle is designed with ergonomics and effectiveness in mind, offering a modular airsoft replica. On top of the replica is a 22mm Picatinny rail that allows for the mounting of various [optics]. The 6.5-inch handguard has a [Mlock accessory] mounting system and is equipped with two QD attachment points for [tactical sling] use. Additionally, the manufacturer includes a handguard cover panel and hand-stop with the DEK762. The ambidextrous selector switch makes it easy to operate for both right and left-handed users. The PDW style stock has 4 adjustables positions and has a QD point at the front.

# Improved internal gearbox with mosfet

The mechanism of the DEK762 is a gearbox v2 with a quick change spring system, and steel gears mounted on 8 mm bearings. For better range and accuracy responsible a rotary hop-up chamber, and a precision type inner barrel.
This AEG is equipped In addition, as a standard, these replicas are equipped with a [Falcon electronic control system]with programmable fire mode (Double Shot on SEMI mode or 1-5 Round Burst on AUTO mode), trigger sensitivity adjustment (3 modes) and motor and battery protection.

NOTE! Set the selector lever to SAFE mode before connecting the battery to boot the system.

NOTE! Programming of modes presented in the movie clip.

# The set include:
• DEK762 airsoft rifle
• 150rd mid-cap magazine
• Folding sight set
• Tamiya/deans connector adapter
• Cover pannel for handguard
• Handstop

M923A DEK762 7.62 / 300 BLK - Tan [DE]


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