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The airsoft replica M920A AX//15 by DOUBLE EAGLE is an advanced model that has been licensed by the renowned Texan company Aeroknox, specializing in delivering revolutionary products for the defense industry. This replica, designated as the AX//15, boasts numerous innovative features, making it an excellent choice for airsoft enthusiasts. One of the key feature of this replica is its electronic control system that allows you to control the functions of the replica using your phone. The M920A AX//15 is the perfect blend of solid construction, functionality, and advanced technology.  

The AR15/M4 AEG rifle is made entirely of metal. It has an aluminum handguard with [MLOCK for accessories] a top Picatinny rail, and a non-slip texture that provides a secure grip, an aluminum lower receiver with an ambidextrous fire selector, an aluminum upper receiver with a top mount rail for [red dot sights] and a BUTTERFLY muzzle brake. All these elements have original AEROKNOX markings. The adjustable 6-position stock with a battery compartment in the buffer tube and the licensed ergonomic ORION pistol grip are made of polymer.

The AX//15 rifle mechanism is equipped with an advanced V2 gearbox with a quick spring change system, allowing easy adaptation to various terrain conditions and shooting preferences. Steel gears set on 8mm bearings ensure reliability and durability, while the rotary hop-up chamber stabilizes BBs and increases their rotation in the barrel, resulting in significantly improved range and accuracy of the replica.

Additionally, the electronic ETU Kestrel V2 system provides intelligence, reliability, and quick response to the replica. Through the "Eshooter" app, shooting parameters can be customized, including pre-cocking mode, trigger sensitivity, and selector modes, enabling personalized shooting experiences. The system also supports brushless motors and offers the ability to control the rate of fire, even with high battery voltage.

Other features such as magazine shot counters, the ability to save personalized settings, and sensor calibration contribute to a more interactive and tailored user experience. Furthermore, the system provides battery protection and internal component protection, preventing damage from over-discharging the battery or overloading the electronic system.

It's also worth noting that the ETU Kestrel V2 system offers special features such as sniper delay mode with adjustable shot delay, allowing for more precise and controlled firing from a greater distance. With the ability to update software and a sleep mode feature after an hour of inactivity, users can enjoy extended replica operation during gameplay, minimizing the risk of battery depletion. This comprehensive solution enhances the usability and performance level of the AX//15 rifle replica.

# The kit includes:
· Aeroknox M920A AX15 airsoft rifle
· folding sight set
· 300rd Hi-Cap magazine

M920A Aeroknox AX//15 AEG Rifle ETU Wireless [DE]

SKU: M920A

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