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Double Eagle has raised the bar higher and presents us with another airsoft rifle, the M918G in black version, more commonly known as UTR EK47. This airsoft carbine is manufactured by a well-known Chinese company that is renowned for producing high-quality airsoft rifles at affordable prices.@@@

A Bit of History

This type of weapon emerged from a real-world vision where a soldier could resupply behind enemy lines, and operators could minimize their footprint to conceal their presence. This led to the creation of the original MK47 carbine, designed to retain the features and ergonomics of the AR-15 while allowing the use of a more potent caliber like 7.62 X 39, the standard caliber for the AK47 rifle.

Features and Handling Inspired by AR-15

As with other products, Double Eagle has opted for a fully reinforced polymer construction. This attribute provides a lightweight replica while maintaining solid durability. The only metal components are the barrel, flash hider, and stock tube. The 10.5-inch handguard, licensed by Aeroknox company, features an integrated Picatinny 22mm rail system and an MLOCK system for accessories. A unique serial number is engraved beneath it. The same 22mm rail system is present on the upper receiver, allowing for the attachment of optics. Manipulators such as the bolt catch, release magazine lever, fire selector, and charging handle are ambidextrous, enhancing the rifle's maneuverability and ergonomics for users. The collapsible stock features an ambidextrous QD attachment point for a tactical sling. The rear of the stock is equipped with a hatch for easy access to battery installation. The lower receiver, which accommodates a standard AK magazine, features special levers to prevent BBs from falling out during replica reloads.

Enhanced Internal Gearbox with Mosfet

The UTR EK47's gearbox is a v2 version with a quick spring change system and steel gears mounted on 8mm bearings. A rotary hop-up chamber and a precision-type inner barrel contribute to improved range and accuracy. This AEG is equipped with the [Falcon electronic control system](, featuring programmable fire modes (Double Shot in SEMI mode or 1-5 Round Burst in AUTO mode), trigger sensitivity adjustment (3 modes), and motor and battery protection.

M918G UTR Ek47 - Black [DE]


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