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This Airsoft Electric Gun is based on the M4/AR Platform which will make it very familiar to anyone who has used the platform before. Featuring a lightweight but incredibly tough construction that is mainly reinforced Polymer, this Airsoft Gun is perfect for those who like to get up in the enemy's personal space.

If you're looking for an AEG with some truly unique features you've come to the right place: the replica features Double Eagles latest creation, the FALCON EFCS Fire Control System. Usually only seen in custom builds and high end AEG this feature is a welcome inclusion, allowing for 1-5 round burst mode, a binary trigger, as well as various gun and battery protection features to boot. The 1-5 round burst mode and bump fire settings can also be set at the same time, with binary being used in semi-auto mode, and 1-5 round burst replacing the full auto mode. The fire control system is designed to be used with 7.4v Li-Po and 11.1v Li-Po and prevents the replica from firing when it detects a current draw spike, or if the battery voltage is too low. Please note that an 11.1v LiPo is only recommended by the manufacturer on the grounds that the replica is firing above 390FPS. As your purchase will be ~340FPS out of the box, please avoid the use of an 11.1v Battery. The EFCS fire system is configurable using simple trigger pulls and requires no external tools, special adapters or a PC to function. For more information please see the Special Instructions Section.

The gun features a typical AR platform layout, with an Ambidextrous Safe/Semi/Auto Fire Selector (which can be programmed without the need for tools), but notably a Flat Blade Trigger and Ergonomic Charging Handle. Not only do these parts look awesome, but they make the handling and operation of the rifle much easier. The Battery is stored in the Stock, where you will find a Deans Connector (a Deans to Mini Tamiya Converter Lead is supplied in the box). Simp