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M904 represents a range of affordable AEG airsoft guns manufactured by Double Eagle. These guns have several notable advantages, primarily their lightweight design achieved through the use of reinforced nylon instead of metal alloys. As a result, they weigh only about 2 kilograms, making them highly convenient to handle. Other features contributing to their ease of use include an ambidextrous selector lever and charging handle, an extended magazine release and magwell, as well as an adjustable stock.

The M904 replicas are equipped with a Gearbox v2 mechanism, which incorporates a quick spring change system and is supported by 8mm steel ball bearings and a rotary hop-up. Furthermore, these replicas come standard with a [Falcon electronic control system](, offering programmable fire modes such as Double Shot on SEMI mode or 1-5 Round Burst on AUTO mode. Additionally, users can adjust trigger sensitivity across three modes, and the system provides motor and battery protection for enhanced durability.

NOTE! Set the selector lever to SAFE mode before connecting the battery to boot the system.

NOTE! Programming of modes presented in the movie clip.

Set included:
· AR-15 replica
· 300rd hicap magazine
· folding sight set
· tamiya/deans connector adapter

M904G Fire Control System Edition [DE]

SKU: M904G

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