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If you're looking for a support weapon without the weight typically associated with standard LMGs, the [A&K] polymer FN M249 series might be the ideal solution. Internally, it retains the dependable dedicated M249 gearbox, engineered to endure prolonged firing in a support role.
# Cybergun Licence
This completely polymer construction of the M249 MKII is not just an ordinary replica; it proudly features official Belgian markings from FN Herstal, authorized under the prestigious CYBERGUN license. With precision in craftsmanship and attention to detail, the replica faithfully captures the essence of the original, delivering an authentic and realistic experience. Get ready for unparalleled experiences in the airsoft world with the A&K FN M249 SAW. Taiwangun paid special attention to ensuring that the engravings of markings were in the correct positions on both the body and the barrel.
# Lightweight construction
An electrically powered 6mm BB Airsoft replica of the M249 MKII Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), ideal for Airsoft enthusiasts seeking to add effective supporting fire on the Airsoft field. Crafted as a lightweight support weapon, this replica faithfully reproduces the MKII's distinctive handguard-integrated bipod and the caracteristic Stock featuring a folding shoulder brace.
The M249 MKII predominantly features polymer construction, including components such as the top cover, lower receiver, sight, handguard, pistol grip, charging handle, stock, heat shield, and feed ammo tray. A&K, however, ensures durability by incorporating steel elements, such as the bipod, magazine catch, trigger guard, charging handle rail, handle, barrel lever, and all screws and pins. Notably, the barrel, bipod assembly, and trigger are crafted from high-quality metal. This type of construction offers a weight of 4.5 kg, which is still quite solid.
# Internal Mechanics
At the heart of this airsoft rifle lies a robust fully metal, reinforced M249 gearbox, meticulously designed to withstand extended periods of sustained support fire. The gearbox is equipped with a convenient quick spring exchange system. Inside the gearbox, a comprehensive set of reinforced 18:1 gear wheels on 8mm ball bearings ensures smooth operation, delivering 20 rounds per second. The replica's compression and system sealing are enhanced by a flat-milled CNC aluminum piston and cylinder head, equipped with a double-sealed cylinder head featuring a thick sorbothane pad and a piston head with ball bearings. A&K pays particular attention to details during the replica's modification, introducing a modified microswitch for faster and more responsive trigger response. Another crucial element is the upgraded hop-up unit, equipped with a new rubber and a special omega standard nub to enhance range and accuracy.
# The package includes:
- FN Herstal Polymer M249 MKII SAW replica
- Electric ammo box 2500 bbs

M249 PARA Sports Line Light Machine Gun Replica [A&K]


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