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This Foregrip is compatible with 20mm Rail Systems, and provides a stable platform to brace against your Airsoft Gun, making your aim far more stable. It is a compact and robust design, constructed from Aluminium to be as tough as possible. A slightly textured surface improves grip with or without gloves. The low profile nature of the design makes it ideal for those who need a compact/speedy setup, and don't want to get snagged on their own kit. The LCT ZRK-6 Grip easily attaches to 20mm Rails, using an Allen Key to loosen/tighten it in place.


  • Compact Design
  • Aluminium Construction
  • Rugged and Tough
  • Semi Textured Surface
  • 20mm Rail Compatible
  • Allen Key Secured
  • Ideal for AK Platforms
  • Improve Stability

Package Includes

  • LCT ZRK-6 Gri

CNC ZRK-6 Grip


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