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Introducing the Lambda Defence GHM9-G Gas Blowback SMG – a top-tier airsoft replica exclusively licensed by B&T. Immerse yourself in the authenticity of this officially licensed replica of the B&T GHM9-G "grasshopper mouse" PCC, featuring full trades and markings.

Crafted with precision using a combination of aluminium, steel, and robust nylon parts, the GHM9-G mirrors the renowned GHM-9 Submachine gun, earning its nickname "Swiss UZI." Experience rock-solid construction and versatility as you explore interchangeable features such as pistol grips, hand guards, outer barrels, flash-hiders, suppressors, and stocks – mirroring the customization options of the real GHM-9.

Unleash the adaptability akin to an M4 rifle, offering a plethora of accessory options for avid airsoft enthusiasts. The GHM-9's compatibility with standard and high-capacity G17 magazines from 99% of all brands makes it an ideal choice for those with an existing G17 mag collection. The package includes a 35rd mid-length G17-style gas mag to kickstart your field experience.

Key Features:

- Safe / Semi / Automatic Fire Modes
- Authentic Gas Powered Operation
- Compact SMG design with durable nylon polymer construction
- High-quality internal metal parts ensure longevity
- Adjustable Hop Unit for precision accuracy
- 20mm railed rear for swift stock swap or removal (stocks not supplied)
- Compatible with WE 17, KJW 17, VFC 17, TM 17, Army 17, and AAP01 gas magazines
- Ambidextrous bolt for user convenience
- 20mm railed handguard for lights and lasers
- 20mm railed upper receiver for your preferred sight
- Full Real-Steel Trade Marks for an authentic touch
- Gas blowback (GBB) system delivers robust recoil
- Ergonomic 'shorty' SMG design for comfortable handling
- Realistic field strip as per the real gun, enhancing the immersive experience

Stay tuned for an array of upgrade parts from Lambda Defence, allowing you to elevate the GHM-9's performance and customizability. Precision meets versatility with the Lambda Defence GHM9-G Gas Blowback SMG – your gateway to an enhanced airsoft gaming experience.

Lambda Defence B&T GHM9-G Gas Blowback SMG Black