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0447A is among the most well-known replicas in the airsoft world, produced by the Chinese company [WORKS J.G.]. Leveraging their extensive experience in crafting ASG replicas, [WORKS J.G.] presents a highly crafted carbine. Constructed from a blend of aluminum alloy and ABS, the replica is meticulously fashioned. [WORKS J.G.] strives to closely replicate the original model in their rendition. Similar to the live firearm variant, the replica features a dual-stage trigger; pulling it halfway results in single-shot firing, whereas a full pull enables continuous automatic fire. The replica maintains only a fire safety, akin to the original. The hop-up adjustment is positioned within the ejection window located on both sides. Depending on the shooter's inclination, one window can be obscured. This innovation mirrors the unique design from the original version, allowing swift bolt manipulation and selective covering of the appropriate ejection window (right or left). This facilitates use by both right- and left-handed shooters.

The replica boasts a modular structure, akin to authentic firearms, allowing for easy disassembly. Sporting a 490mm internal barrel, it offers precise shooting. The replica is furnished with CNC-machined rail systems. Hop-Up: Adjustable

The replica incorporates a gearbox with a rapid spring swapping feature, eliminating the need to disassemble the gearbox from the frame for spring replacement.

Caution: Changing the spring will void the warranty!

The set includes:

330-round hi-capacity magazine
8.4V NiMH 1100mAh battery
Battery charger
A compatible Mid-Cap magazine is available.

JG AUG A4 [J.G.Works]

SKU: 0447A

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