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A pistol replica by Golden Eagle powered by Green Gas. The replica was made mainly of metal – elements such as the frame, slide, internal barrel and the magazine are made of metal. The only polymer part here are the pistol grip panels – just like in the live firearm original.

The pistol features a double safety preventing an accidental discharge. Thanks to the implementation of a realistic Blow-Back system, the slide is pulled back after every shot, just like when firing from a real firearm. After the last BB has been fired from the magazine, the slide remains in the rear position. 

The replica features a custom trigger and aggressive barrel finish that also serves as a window breaker. Pistol grip panels have an anti-slip texture that improves the grip. Under the barrel is a RIS rail that enables the attachment of tactical lighting. 

The replica comes with a Green Gas metal magazine that can hold up to 25 BBs.

The set includes:

– replica
– a magazine

Golden Eagle IMF 3305 M1911 Semi-Auto GBB Metal Pistol


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