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The Minimi light machine gun, manufactured by FN Herstal, has been in continuous production since the early 1980s and has gained widespread adoption as the standard light machine gun for various nations. Notably, the United States Army and Marine Corps integrated the Minimi into their arsenal in 1982, designating it as the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW). More recently, a specialized variant of the Minimi has been embraced by the US Navy for special operations. This upgraded version is now officially known as the Mark 46 Mod 0 Light Machine Gun.
# A specific Model for a specific task
The Mk 46 Mod 0, while sharing around 70 percent of its components with the M249, represents a distinct weapon tailored for specific purposes. Designed with a different mission in mind, the Navy special operations forces (Navy Seals) have designated the Mk 46 Mod 0 for deployment in close-quarters battle (CQB) scenarios.
# Original Stamp
Introducing the [A&K] FN MK46, a popular replica for airsoft fans. This Full Metal MK 46 copy isn't just a simple imitation, it proudly shows the official Belgian FN Herstal markings, approved through the respected CYBERGUN license. Made with care and attention to detail, it accurately captures the essence of the original weapon.
# A successful cooperation
In a special partnership with the respected company Taiwangun, A&K has carefully created this imitation with great accuracy and close attention to details. This collaboration has made it possible to faithfully copy FN Herstal markings, placing them correctly on the lower part , giving the imitation a real firearm. Changes to the trigger system make the trigger pull very short, allowing for quick responses and precise control of shots. Also, a thorough examination and adjustment of the barrel mounting system have successfully dealt with any issues related to fitting the barrel into the gun.
# A ergonomic construction
The electric version of the MK46 Mod 0 machine gun is strong and well-built. It uses a mix of metal, steel, and tough polymer materials. Parts like the main body, charging handle guide, ammunition belt feeder, box latch, barrel release, bipod, trigger guard, and all screws and pins are carefully made from steel. The top cover, barrel, bipod assembly, gas block, rail system, and muzzle brake are created from high-quality metal, while the buttstock, pistol grip, and trigger block are made of synthetic material.
The MK46 has an integrated 22mm rail system on the top cover which gives the possibility to mount [optical sight], a full RIS system on the handguard that offers the option to mount a [flashlight], [grip]and other accessories, a folding bipod attached to the handguard, allowing users to set up and shoot the gun from a fixed position. The stock is just like the original MK46 adjustable 5-position polymer stock, including its folding steel shoulder support.
The A&K MK46 gives you the option to use two types of magazines for bullets - standard [M4/M16]type magazines and special [box magazines] made for M249 replicas.
# Durable setup
At the core of this airsoft rifle is a strong fully metal-reinforced M249 gearbox, carefully designed to handle prolonged and continuous firing. The gearbox includes an easy-to-use quick spring change system, making it simple to replace the spring. Inside the gearbox, there's a complete 18:1 reinforced gear set placed on 8mm ball bearings, ensuring smooth operation and a firing rate of 20 rounds per second. Compression is maintained by a flat CNC-machined aluminum piston and cylinder head set, featuring a double-sealed cylinder head with a thick sorbothane pad and a piston head with ball bearings.
A&K pays close attention to details during the improvement of the replica, including a modified microswitch for a faster and more responsive trigger. Another important aspect is the upgraded hop-up unit, equipped with a new rubber and a special omega-standard nub to improve range and accuracy.
# The package includes:
- FN Herstal MK46 MOD0 replica
- Electric ammo box 2500 bbs

FN MK46 MOD 0 SOCOM Light Machine Gun Replica [A&K]