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The M249 MKII machine gun represents the American version of the Minimi, hailed as one of FN Herstal's most significant commercial triumphs. Conceived in the 1970s, the FN Minimi (standing for Mini Machine Gun) is a lightweight 5.56x45mm machine gun crafted to bolster the firepower of infantry squads during combat. Adopted by the US Army in 1984 and subsequently by the USMC the following year, the M249 exists in various versions. Presently, the M249 enjoys recognition among video game enthusiasts, featuring prominently in popular titles like Counter-Strike, Arma, Call of Duty, Squad, and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.
# Original marking
Introducing the [A&K] FN M249 MKII, a revered replica that has become a staple for airsoft enthusiasts. This Full Metal M249 reproduction in the realm of airsoft isn't just a mere copy; it proudly showcases the official Belgian FN Herstal markings, authorized through the esteemed CYBERGUN license. Crafted with precision and a keen eye for detail, it faithfully captures the essence of the original, providing an immersive and genuine feel. Experience the authentic handling of a firearm, perfectly emulating the distinctive FN design. Get ready for an unparalleled airsoft encounter with the A&K FN M249.
# A high-quality partnership
Through a strategic collaboration with the esteemed Taiwangun company, A&K has crafted this replica with unsurpassed precision and meticulous attention to detail. This partnership has facilitated the precise reproduction of FN Herstal engravings, accurately placing them in their designated positions, both on the lower receiver and the external barrel, imparting an authentic character to the replica. Special modifications to the trigger assembly ensure the shortest trigger pull, enabling swift responses and precise shot control. Additionally, a thorough analysis and adjustment of the barrel mounting system have resolved any issues related to fitting the barrel into the rifle.
# A typical classic
The electric version of the FN M249 MKII machine gun boasts a sturdy construction, utilizing a combination of metal, steel, and durable polymer materials. Components such as the body, charging handle guide, ammunition belt feeder, box latch, barrel release, transport handle, bipod, trigger guard, and all screws and pins are meticulously crafted from steel. The top cover, barrel, bipod assembly, gas block, and muzzle brake are manufactured from high-quality metal, while the buttstock, pistol grip, barrel shroud, front grip, and trigger block are made of synthetic material.
The MKII features a folding bipod integrated into the handguard, allowing users to set up and fire the weapon from a fixed and emplaced position. The stock faithfully replicates the original MKII M249's polymer stock, complete with its folding shoulder support.
In accordance with the original design, the A&K M249 MKII offers the flexibility of using two types of magazines for ammunition feed - standard [M4/M16]-type magazines and dedicated [box magazines] tailored for M249 replicas.
# Full reinforced Mechanism
At the heart of this airsoft rifle resides a robust fully metal-reinforced M249 gearbox, meticulously engineered to withstand prolonged and continuous suppressive fire. The gearbox features a user-friendly quick spring change system, providing the convenience of effortless spring replacement. Within the gearbox, a comprehensive 18:1 reinforced gear set is mounted on 8mm ball bearings, ensuring seamless operation and delivering 20 rounds per second. Compression is secured by a flat CNC-machined aluminum piston and cylinder head set, featuring a double-sealed cylinder head with a thick sorbothane pad and a piston head with ball bearings.
A&K meticulously attends to details during the replica's enhancement, incorporating a modified microswitch for a faster and more responsive trigger. Another crucial element is the upgraded hop-up unit, equipped with a new rubber and a special omega-standard nub to enhance range and accuracy.
# The package includes:
- FN Herstal M249 MKII SAW replica
- Electric ammo box 2500 bbs

FN M249 MKII SAW Light Machine Gun Replica [A&K]

SKU: 249-MK2

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