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The Blitz replica is licensed from world-class firearms manufacturer Falkor Defense of the state of Montana. It features a breech and trigger chamber made of aluminium and almost every component is ambidextrous including the magazine and breech latch button, fire type switch and reloading handle assembly. The M-LOK system's Free-Float bed allows only the necessary accessories to be mounted, minimising weight relative to traditional Picatinny beds. EMG manufactured the Blitz replica to the specifications provided by Falkor to maintain fidelity to the original and high aesthetics. Responsible for the operation of the AEG carbine is the reliable eSilver Edge gearbox mechanism with excellent performance.

Main features:
· licensed FALKOR DEFENSE AMBI AR15 MATCHED aluminium breech and trigger chamber CNC finished
· licensed FALKOR DEFENSE FATTY aluminium bed CNC machined
· special edition gearbox eSilver Edge mechanism with electronic control system with microstick (S.D.U.), quick spring replacement, and reinforced parts (steel gears mounted on 8mm ball bearings, chrome cylinder, piston with full steel jaw, bearing spring guide, bearing piston head and aluminium sealed nozzle)
· double-sided manipulators
· anodised finish for corrosion and mechanical protection of the carbine surface

It is equipped with the latest eSilver Edge SDU 2.0 gearbox from APS with a programmable mode of fire.

How do you change the fire mode?

Press and hold the button under the gearbox, which can be reached through the magazine slot. When the red LED lights up, hold until it flashes 2 times. Releasing the button will accept the changes. Repeat this step to continue with the selection.

Available fire modes (5 modes):

· Mode 1 (default) protected/single-shot/series

· Mode 2 protected/ single-shot/ 3-shot series

· Mode 3 protected/ 2-shot burst/series

· Mode 4 protected/ 3-shot series/series

· Mode 5 protected/ 3-shot series/9-shot series

To conclude the APS New Phantom Extremis Rifle is a modern weapon for ASG players. The Silver Edge Gear Box has a great reputation in the market thanks to its quick spring change feature.

The kit includes:
· Falkor Blitz Compact replica
· polymer magazine for 300 rounds

Falkor Defense Blitz 2.0 Compact SDU2.0 - Black [EMG]


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