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The airsoft replica EC-901 was created through a collaboration between Taiwangun and East Crane. E&C has gained a good reputation for producing AR15 rifle replicas and has now decided to expand its product line with AR10-based offerings. The EC-901 is a replica of a semi-automatic sniper rifle chambered in 7.62x51 NATO, commonly used by US Army Snipers and Special Forces worldwide, including the Polish GROM. 
Version 2.0 Thanks to our collaboration with [E&C], we have designed a silicone hop-up rubber "RANGE Top" specifically tailored to this rifle, along with a dedicated spacer. They provide a long, stable trajectory for the BB, allowing the replica to deliver accurate and long-range shots right out of the box. Our service team assembles this kit for every model, ensuring a reliable and exceptional replica. Discover the potential of Version 2.0 and experience excellent precision on the battlefield.
# A proven construction
The replica is based on the AR-10 design, allowing easy integration with the latest rifle [scopes], [red dot sights], [bipods](, [foregrips], [slings], and other necessary accessories. The presented model features a 20-inch free-floating barrel, an aluminum handguard with Picatinny 22mm rails, aluminum upper and lower receivers, and a fixed stock equipped with a regulated butt plate, inside this stock you can find a battery compartment.
# A integrated Mosfet
This airsoft replica was designed using high-quality components to ensure exceptional performance. Internally, it is equipped with a V2 long gearbox type SR25 with quick spring change, compliant with TM standards, providing not only excellent performance but also durability, offering limitless upgrade possibilities. The smooth operation of the mechanism is ensured by 8mm ball bearing-mounted steel gears, enhancing reliability and longevity. The use of a long type 0 cylinder and a piston with steel teeth further enhances the replica's optimal performance. It is also equipped with a MOSFET that regulates current and protects wires from damage. The 6.04mm inner barrel and polymer rotary hop-up chamber ensure accurate shots at various distances. Another advantage is the quick spring change system, allowing users to change the replica's power rapidly and easily without disassembling the entire gearbox, saving time and effort.
To provide the most authentic and realistic gameplay experience, E&C has ensured that the EC-901 replica fire in a single-shot mode, granting players greater precision and control over their shots.
Thanks to its unique configuration, the EC-901 replica is an excellent choice for those who enjoy the role of a sniper in their team or for special forces unit reenactors. Precise shots at long distances and the ability to personalize the replica make players feel like real special forces snipers on the airsoft battlefield.
# The set includes:
? EC901 replica
? [130rd Mid-cap magazine]? Folding sights set

EC-901 semi-automatic sniper rifle - Black [E&C]

SKU: EC901

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