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The EC-202 is the larger caliber variant of the assault rifle developed by a famous German firearms manufacturer. This version is chambered in 7.62 x 51 NATO rounds. It is intended to be used in military units around the world as a marksman rifle available in 3 different lengths as Assaulter / Recce / Sniper.
Version 2.0 Thanks to our collaboration with [E&C], we have designed a silicone hop-up rubber "RANGE Top" specifically tailored to this rifle, along with a dedicated spacer. They provide a long, stable trajectory for the BB, allowing the replica to deliver accurate and long-range shots right out of the box. Our service team assembles this kit for every model, ensuring a reliable and exceptional replica. Discover the potential of Version 2.0 and experience excellent precision on the battlefield.
# Quality production
The E&C company is a well know Chinese professional manufacturer in the Airsoft brand, which enjoys a great reputation, with about twenty years of experience in the development and research of parts, including a strongly reliable gearbox. and a very high-quality airsoft rifle. Like the [EC-901]or the [EC-909]This time E&C in cooperation with Taiwangun, offers a 308. Marksman airsoft rifle, the EC-202.
# A modular rifle
This rifle has a full metal construction, E&C company has take much attention to the quality of material used in the production of this airsoft carabine, only the stock, grip, and magazine are made in a reinforced polymer. The EC-202 is equipped with a 10 inches handguard with 22mm Picatinny rails which offers to the user the possibility to mount tactical accessories like [scopes], [Red-dot] or [light] All manipulators o the airsoft rifle like the fire selector, blot catch, and magazine release button are ambidextrous and can be used by a right or left-handed person, the stock has a 6-positions regulation, and it ended with an ergonomic end plate, which can be taken out to insert a battery in the stock tube. All these features give freedom of movement even in the tightest places or during the speed of action.
# A special internal design
The EC-202 airsoft replica requires appropriate mechanics, which is why Taiwangun and East Crane decided to use high-quality parts. Inside, you will find a dedicated long-type V2 gearbox with quick spring change, all compliant with TM standards. The gearbox is equipped with steel gears mounted on 8mm ball bearings. Compression is ensured by a long type 0 cylinder, and the piston has metal teeth for increased durability. Wire protection is provided by a mosfet, whose sole purpose is to regulate current. Precision is ensured by a 6.04mm diameter inner barrel and a reinforced rotary-type hop-up chamber made of polymer.
# the set includes
? EC-202 rifle
? [Mid-cap magazine]
? Set of sights

EC-202 heavy assault rifle replica - Black [E&C]

SKU: EC202

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