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The 1911 Rail gun is a brand new series of pistols from Cybergun, featuring authentic Colt Trademarks (reproduced under exclusive license from Cybergun). Consutructed out of metal, they are weighty & extremely realistic. Powered by the displosable 12g Co2 caplets, you can use this gun year round without issues thanks to the lack of cool down!

Manfucatured by KWC under license from Cybergun, the Colt Combat Unit is a modern take on the design. You have a flat-black colour-scheme, and beautiful snake-skin style grips (complete with official Colt trademarks)

This gun boasts exceptional reliability - when you draw it from your holster, you know it's going to work! Another happy benefit is that because it's based off the 100th anniversary model, the same KWC 1911 magazines will fit.

Colt 1911 (Rail) Combat Unit Co2 Blowback Pistol (Black)

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