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Introducing the Next Generation of Affordable and Reliable Airsoft Rifles by CYMA

CYMA, one of the world's most renowned Chinese manufacturers, proudly presents their latest offering in the airsoft market—a new series of low-budget rifles. Designed to cater to beginners and budget-conscious enthusiasts, these replicas maintain the same high-quality performance as other CYMA products, while incorporating innovative design features.

By utilizing high-quality plastic in place of traditional metal components such as the body, handguard, front/rear sights, buffer tube, flash hider, and magazine, CYMA has successfully reduced the overall cost of these rifles. This breakthrough in material selection allows every aspiring airsoft player to afford their favorite rifle and embark on their ASG adventure with a reliable replica at a more affordable price point.

Rest assured, despite the reduced price, CYMA has not compromised on quality. These rifles still feature a robust metal gearbox and other essential mechanical parts, ensuring optimal performance and durability. By employing high-quality plastic elements, CYMA has achieved the perfect balance between affordability and reliability, making these low-budget rifles an ideal choice for beginners who seek a dependable airsoft experience.

The new series of low-budget rifles from CYMA presents an excellent opportunity for enthusiasts to enter the world of airsoft without straining their finances. Whether you are a newcomer to the sport or a seasoned player seeking an affordable option, CYMA's reliable replicas will exceed your expectations.

Join the CYMA community and experience the excitement of airsoft with our next generation of affordable and reliable rifles. Begin your journey today with a high-performing replica that offers exceptional reliability and a reduced price tag. CYMA—the brand you can trust for an accessible and dependable airsoft experience.

Parts used in mechanism of the replica:
* metal gearbox shell
* cylinder type 0
* directional piston head
* plastic piston
* reinforced steel slide bearings 8 mm
* M120 spring
* steel gears set
* this model is equipped with a Rotary hop-up chamber. Now the adjustment of the hop-up system is very easy and precise.

Set includes:

* 300rd Hi-Cap magazine
* 8,4V 1100mAh battery with charger


SKU: FB3444

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